Concerned About Zoom Security? Here’s How Using a VPN Can Keep You More Secure

Over the last few weeks, Zoom has gone from useful video calling app to an absolute household name. User numbers have grown exponentially, as Covid-19 lockdown has inspired the public to find new and creative ways to enjoy human contact in digital form – so why would a VPN help?Zoom’s quickly inflated userbase (the app has been downloaded more than 50 million times on Google Play store alone) has also brought greater scrutiny over the service and now questions are being raised over its privacy practices, vulnerability to hijackers and apparent lack of true end-to-end encryption. In a time when we’re using our computers and phones to share more data with each other than ever before, that’s a potentially worrying development. – Get a VPN Now

How VPNs can keep you safer online

Very simply, VPN providers reroute all of your internet traffic through their own secure servers. As well as keeping you anonymous and giving you the ability to change your IP address to a location pretty much anywhere in the world, VPN services also end-to-end encrypt all all of the data sent via that traffic. The encryption part is critical, as it means that if a cybercriminal or hacker did manage to access any information exchanged – say while using public Wi-Fi, downloading torrents or, yes, on a Zoom call – it would be completely unintelligible. – VPN for Zoom

Best VPNs for Zoom Security & Safety in 2021

With hundreds of different VPNs on the market, choosing the best VPN for Zoom is not easy task. A suitable VPN will keep your activity private, have minimal impact on speed and work with all popular devices. Below you can find the best VPN’s for Zoom:

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VPN For Zoom

Watertight security is an obvious one, especially if you’re using Zoom for sensitive business calls. While choosing a VPN with fast connection speeds will ensure that you get as little lag and drop-off as possible during your calls. Protect your Zoom call. How? By using a VPN

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